Tritton Xbox One Headsets

Compare the best Tritton Xbox One headsets on the market. We’ve ranked our favourite Xbox headsets by audio performance, build quality, features and price, making it easier to buy your Tritton Xbox headset.

Tritton Headsets

Tritton were established back in 2000 and have since grown to become an internationally recognized brand, offering a range of critically acclaimed high performance gaming headsets and external USB video card products. In 2010, the Tritton brand was acquired by gaming accessories manufacturer Mad Catz Interactive.

The Tritton brand focuses exclusively on developing gaming headsets that are at the leading edge of the market for all platforms, including consoles, PC and mobile devices. All of the brands products are marketed and distributed worldwide.

Tritton are best known for their wide range of Xbox headsets, such as the popular Tritton Warhead 7.1 headset. They offer headsets for everyone, with both high end, premium headsets as well as low and mid-range products, giving gamers greater choice with their line of products than with many of the other leading gaming headset brands.

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