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Polk Xbox Headsets

Polk Audio is an audio products manufacturer based in Baltimore, Maryland, and was established in 1972 by Matthew Polk, George Klopfer and Sandy Gross. The founders all attended The Johns Hopkins University, where they met, and formed Polk Audio after a string of collaborations after graduating in 1971.

Growing from humble beginners, the company now market their audio products worldwide and were acquired by Directed Electronics, the largest manufacturer of car alarms and remote starters in the US, back in 2006.

Polk Audio are know for offering some of the best quality, mid-ranged Xbox headsets currently available, such as their Polk Striker ZX Xbox headset. In addition to their line of gaming headsets, they also offer a wide range of audio products and equipment, including headphones, speakers, soundbars and other in-car and home audio.

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Polk Striker ZX

Polk Striker ZX Xbox Headset

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