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Astro Gaming Headsets

Astro Gaming was founded by Brett Lovelady and Jordan Reiss in 2006 after Astro Studios, a design firm based in San Francisco, California, created the company as an independent spin-off after identifying professional grade video gaming accessories and headsets as an emerging market.

The company were recognised for the quality of their headsets in 2008 when their flagship A40 audio system range became the official licensed headset partner of the Major Gaming League. Since then, they have released a number of other product lines, such as the A30, A50 and A80 audio system ranges and were acquired by Skullcandy in 2011.

Astro Gaming are know primarily for offering high-end, quality Xbox headsets, such as the popular Astro Gaming A40 Xbox headset, and for other systems such as the PS4, PC and mobile devices, however they also offer mixamps, stand-alone microphones, cases, brand merchandise such as clothing, and other gaming audio related accessories.

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Astro Gaming A40

Astro Gaming A40 Xbox Headset

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