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Astro Gaming A40

Astro Gaming A40 Xbox One Headset

The Astro A40 and Mixamp M80 bundle for the Xbox One is a comfortable, lightweight and durable premium headset that is light years ahead of both headsets that make use of the Microsoft chat adapter and up there with the best of premium Xbox One headsets that are currently on the market.

The first thing you’ll notice about the Astro A40 headset is how pretty it is, thanks to it’s blue, light grey and dark grey colour scheme, rather than following the trend of other Xbox One headsets which typically opt for the Xbox brand’s green and black colour palette.

It’s not just aesthetically pleasing, it’s also extremely comfortable, light-weight considering it’s size, with a nicely padded headband and ear cups, making it a great option for long gaming sessions. Another benefit of this headset is that although it his extremely comfortable, it doesn’t do this at the expense of durability, something with headsets that are this comfortable tend to do, and is sturdy, well built and has a good amount of give when it comes to accidental twisting and bending.

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HUHD® HW-398M Optical Fiber 2.4GHz Wireless Pro

HUHD® HW-398M Optical Fiber 2.4GHz Wireless Pro Headset

4 stars, based on 89 reviews


RRP £54.95
You save £9.96!

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HUHD® HW-398M Optical Fiber 2.4GHz Wireless Pro Headset

The HUHD HW-398M is a great headset for gamers on a budget. They’re stylish, modern, wireless and built-well, making them one of the best low-cost Xbox One headset options.

It has fairly large ear cups, making them perfect for pretty much all shapes and sizes. They’re soft, extremely comfortable and are designed to better retain their shape than other headsets at a similar price point. Sound quality is also exceptionally good considering this headsets low cost, making you hard-pressed to find anything that’s better than this for the money.

The microphone is well-built and completely detachable, making it great for packing away when not in use. However, when attached, the microphone does seem to stick out a little akwardly, which can effect how clearly your voice comes through as it struggles to pick it up as well as other Xbox One headsets.

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Polk Striker ZX

Polk Striker ZX Headset

4 stars, based on 17 reviews


RRP £99.99
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Polk Striker ZX Headset

Designed with the Xbox One in mind, the Polk Striker ZX offers is an impressive gaming headset considering it’s price point, offering performance and quality that is up there with some of the higher end Xbox headsets currently available on the market.

The Striker ZX’s microphone is a bendable, maneuverable, retractable and omni-directional boom mic. It’s very good at picking up sound, which may see you getting into the habit of muting it frequently, and slides back over the left ear cup for easy storage after use. The mic could extend a little further, however, it’s certainly good enough to be picked up loud and clear when playing, with extremely good quality and clarity. The sound from the headphones is also of very good quality, with the games we tried it out with sounding absolutely great, giving you a great immersive experience.

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Turtle Beach Ear Force XO SEVEN

Turtle Beach Ear Force XO SEVEN Headset

4.5 stars, based on 111 reviews


RRP £119.95
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Turtle Beach Ear Force XO SEVEN Headset


  • Comfortable and easy to use
  • High build quality
  • Very few cables
  • No external power source required


  • Controller batteries drain quickly
  • Can’t adjust settings beyond volume
  • No voice monitoring

User Reviews


this headset really is amazing! the box it comes in is superb and …, 28 Nov. 2014

this headset really is amazing! the box it comes in is superb and the second you see the headset you can tell that is really well made! the sound is just incredible and the fact it’s just one wire to the controller means you’re not tangled up at all! i really would recommend this headset to anyone! 5/5


Fantastic Product, 28 Oct.

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Turtle Beach Earforce Stealth 500X

Turtle Beach Earforce Stealth 500X Headset

stars, based on reviews


RRP £179.95
You save £7.96!

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Buy Turtle Beach Earforce Stealth 500X Headset

The Turtle Beach Earforce Stealth 500X headset is a top of the line gaming headset, boasting 50mm neodymium speakers, 7.1 channel surround sound, 16 audio presets, a wireless range of around 30ft, a highly sensitive omni-directional mic and an internal batter that lasts 15 hours on a single charge. It also offers some of the best noise cancellation of any of the Xbox headsets we’ve reviewed and is extremely comfortable to wear, being lightweight and well cushioned, making it ideal for those long, multi-hour gaming sessions.

This stylish headset comes with a black trim and green highlights around its swiveling ear cups, both of which have a number of easy to use buttons, giving you access to the full range of features this headset offers.

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