Astro Gaming Launch Their First Low-End, Budget Xbox One Headset – The Astro A10

Astro Gaming A10 Xbox One Headset

When it comes to top-of-the-range, premium Xbox headsets, Astro Gaming are a brand that immediately comes to mind – being best known for their ultra-high-end A40 and A50 headsets, some of the most expensive headsets on the market. Well that seems set to change, with the brand taking their very first stab at the low-end of the headset market, launching the all-new Astro 10 headset as part of the brands Xbox One headsets 2017 line-up.

The A10 positions itself as an accessible headset – retailing at a sub-£60 price for the standalone headset, or around £90 when bought with the MixAmp M60 – and is offered in a number of different editions to reflect the different systems on the market, the only significant difference between these being the use of different colours, with the Xbox One version being styled with green highlights to reflect Xbox branding.

However, don’t let the Astro A10’s price fool you – Astro Gaming haven’t cut too many corners with this headset, both in terms of audio performance and build quality. The headsets headband is constructed in metal with a polycarbonate cover, allowing it to withstand being bent or twisted, and the overall comfort offered by the A10 is up there with headsets that retail at twice its price. In fact, we like the Astro A10 enough to place it in our list of the best Xbox One headsets under £100.

When it comes to sound – the Astro 10 is equipped with 40mm drivers, giving gamers sound that is both loud and clear. It also offers surround sound – a feature that can be enabled through the Dolby Access app – allowing the headset to emulate Dolby Atmos effects, something that sets this headset apart from similarly priced alternatives.

Unlike other Astro Xbox One headsets – the Astro 10 is equipped with an attached boom mic – as opposed to the detachable mic that is typical of the gaming headset manufacturer. If you’re the sort of gamer who has misplaced their mic at some point, this is likely good news, as having a fixed mic would rectify this problem – it could however be seen as a drawback for others – however, now that the mic is fixed, it does allow you to mute with mic with ease by simply putting it into an upright position, which is certainly a plus.

The Astro A10 is already out, being available to buy now, and retails at just £54.99.