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Logitech Strengthens Headset Business Line with Astro Gaming Acquisition

Logitech Strengthens Headset Business Line with Astro Gaming AcquisitionLogitech announced on Wednesday its plans to acquire leading gaming headset maker Astro Gaming for a deal worth $85 million, in a move that the brand hopes will help to widen its reach beyond the PC gaming market and into the home console market.

“Astro is the leading player for premium console headsets and is the preferred headset for console esports athletes,” said Logitech G vice president and general manager, Ujesh Desai.

“It’s a perfect complement to Logitech G’s focus on PC gaming and we couldn’t be more excited; we love the team, the brand, and the products. Together, we want to make game play even more fun for gamers everywhere.”

Astro Gaming – a spinoff company from San Francisco-based Astro Studios, founded back in 1994 – currently offer a wide selection of premium, high-end gaming headsets across numerous platforms, including PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.… Read more

Microsoft Focus Their VR Ambitions on PC for Now, Holding Off on Bringing VR to Xbox One X

Microsoft Focus Their VR Ambitions on PC for Now, Holding Off on Bringing VR to Xbox One XLast year, when Microsoft announced the highly anticipated Xbox One X console – known then as Project Scorpio – the company said that their super-powerful home console would be VR-ready. Despite that announcement, Microsoft didn’t announce any plans for VR experiences at this year’s E3, and with recent comments from the company, it sounds like VR might not be coming to Xbox anytime soon.

In an interview given to GameSpot, Dave McCarthy – Microsoft general manager – said that the company was purposefully focusing on the PC gaming platform for the time being when it came to their VR and AR ambitions, will similar plans for home consoles being put on hold, at least for the moment.

“Our focus right now is admittedly on the PC space,” said McCarthy.

“So we look at Windows 10, we see an open ecosystem for developers.… Read more

Astro Gaming Launch Their First Low-End, Budget Xbox One Headset – The Astro A10

Astro Gaming A10 Xbox One Headset

When it comes to top-of-the-range, premium Xbox headsets, Astro Gaming are a brand that immediately comes to mind – being best known for their ultra-high-end A40 and A50 headsets, some of the most expensive headsets on the market. Well that seems set to change, with the brand taking their very first stab at the low-end of the headset market, launching the all-new Astro 10 headset as part of the brands Xbox One headsets 2017 line-up.

The A10 positions itself as an accessible headset – retailing at a sub-£60 price for the standalone headset, or around £90 when bought with the MixAmp M60 – and is offered in a number of different editions to reflect the different systems on the market, the only significant difference between these being the use of different colours, with the Xbox One version being styled with green highlights to reflect Xbox branding.… Read more

CS:GO Major Champions Astralis Pen Sponsorship Deal With Turtle Beach

CS:GO Major Champions Astralis Pen Sponsorship Deal With Turtle BeachHeadset maker Turtle Beach have signed a deal with CS:GO Major Champions Astralis, for a figure thought to be somewhere in the seven-figure range.

Astralis – current reigning Major champions on the CS:GO circuit – will use Turtle Beach’s flagship Elite Pro Tournament headset, a strong contender for best Xbox One headset under £200, exclusively and will work alongside the brand to develop an all-new line of competitive gaming headsets for PC.

“With so many console gamers, pro players, and teams already enjoying the Elite Pro since its debut last year, we knew we needed to extend this offering to gamers playing on PC too,” said Juergen Stark, Turtle Beach CEO.

Astralis are represented by agency RFRSH – an agency who have raised eyebrows in the past with their approach team representation, working with GODSENT, Heroic and formerly, Norweigan team Norse who severed their ties with the agency earlier this year.… Read more

Turtle Beach and eSports Team Splyce Pen Console Partnership Deal

Turtle Beach and eSports Team Splyce Pen Console Partnership DealLeading gaming headset brand Turtle Beach, manufacturer of some of the best Xbox One headsets, have today announced another eSports deal – this time with team Splyce – partnering with the teams on consoles.

“We’re thrilled that prominent esports organizations continue choosing the Elite Pro – not just in the United States but around the world,” said Turtle Beach CEO, Juergen Stark.

“Splyce is a proven force in the competitive console space and now with the Elite Pro in their arsenal we can’t wait to help them achieve even more success in the competitions ahead.”

“Being able to provide our players with the best gear on the market is essential to staying competitive, no different than for a basketball or football team,” added Marty Strenczewilk, a prominent member of Splyce.… Read more

Turtle Beach Debut All-New, Direct-Wireless Stealth 600 and 700 Headsets for Xbox One

Turtle Beach Debut All-New, Direct-Wireless Stealth 600 and 700 Headsets for Xbox OneHeadset maker Turtle Beach are gearing up for this year’s E3, with plans to announce its upcoming Stealth 600 and Stealth 700 series wireless Xbox One headsets.

One of the most significant features of these headsets are their use of Microsoft’s new direct wireless functionality – allowing the headsets to interface with the console directly, offering true wireless connectivity.

The headsets will also feature Turtle Beach’s ProSpecs Glasses Friendly design, making them far more comfortable to wear with glasses than many other headsets on the market. As well as this, both Turtle Beach Xbox headsets boast SUPERHUMAN HEARING – a sound setting designed to give gamers an edge during competitive play.

The Stealth 600 will retail at £89.99, with the Stealth 700 retailing at £129.99. For the extra money, the Stealth 700 also offers active noise-cancellation and Bluetooth connectivity – not bad for an Xbox One headset under £150.… Read more

LucidSound Announce Release Of New Premium Gaming Headsets

LucidSound Announce Release Of New Premium Gaming HeadsetsThe video game accessory market is an increasingly competitive one, with so many different manufacturers of controllers, game capture devices, keyboards, mice, and numerous other devices. Some of these subsections of the accessory market are more crowded than others, with the gaming and Xbox headsets being of a good example, however one challenger brand, LucidSound, isn’t fazed at all, announcing the launch of a range of all-new headsets.

LucidSound has been setup by the founders of Tritton, a brand that became popular in the mid-to-late 2000s and was subsequently acquired by Mad Catz, and have unveiled the first two headsets from the brand.

The new headsets, which complement the LS30 that was released earlier this year, include the LS20, which offers high-fidelity audio quality despite it’s compact design, and the LS40, the highest quality, best Xbox headset released by the brand to date, featuring uncompressed wireless technology that offers the very best is audio quality and up to 15 hours of wireless play.… Read more

Turtle Beach Continues Push Into eSports With FaZe Clan Partnership

Turtle Beach Continues Push Into eSports With FaZe Clan PartnershipXbox headset manufacturer Turtle Beach have continued their push into eSports, having now partnered with FaZe Clan, in addition to their deal with OpTic Gaming last month.

As part of the partnership, the American eSports orgnisation’s players will use Turtle Beach’s brand new line of Elite Pro headsets and Elite Pro Tactical Audio Controllers at tournaments, both in the states and overseas.

FaZe Clan’s Call of Duty team will be competing at MLG Anahein, along with OpTic Gaming, with attendees being able to meet both teams and to try out the all-new Elite Pro headset range at the Turtle Beach booth.

“This new partnership with FaZe, in addition to OpTic, is an amazing testament to how great a headset the Elite Pro is,” said Turtle Beach CEO, Juergen Stark.

“The Elite Pro is the culmination of our position as true innovators in the market, and has allowed us to deliver a powerful one-two punch by teaming-up with not one, but two of the biggest and best eSports teams with FaZe and OpTic.… Read more

Turtle Beach Unveil All-New HyperSound Glass Speakers Ahead of E3

Turtle Beach Unveil All-New HyperSound Glass Speakers Ahead of E3Following the launch of the all-new Turtle Beach Elite Pro Line Gaming audio range of products, Turtle Beach, the leading Xbox headset manufacturer, have revealed their all-new breakthrough HyperSound technology in the form of their HyperSound Glass speakers, a product that is schedule to be shown off at E3 this year.

The HyperSound audio technology has been specifically designed to provide users a unique way to delivers a highly directional, narrow beam of audio through the air directly to the user.

The glass used in the new speakers construction has been described as being similar to the glass used in touchscreens, being comprised of multiple layers of transparent materials and electronics, all working in conjunction with the glass. On top of the glass, the HyperSound speakers are layered with a transparent film that works to generate a beam of ultrasound for crisp, clear audio that is directed straight at the listener.… Read more

Razer HDK 2 VR Headset Launches Next Month, Priced At $400 To Undercut Oculus Rift and HTC Vive

Razer HDK 2 VR Headset Launches Next Month, Priced At $400 To Undercut Oculus Rift and HTC Vive

Xbox headset manufacturer Razer, one of the companies spearheading the Open Source Virtual Reality (OSVR) project, have announced the release of their second generation VR headset, a headset that offers an upgraded display that is on par with that of the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. It’s also priced significantly lower than it’s leading competition, with a recommended retail price of just $400 USD.

“The HDK 2 allows us to meet the needs of VR fans and gamers and provide developers with affordable open-source hardware to innovate with,” said OSVR Lead at Razer, Christopher Mitchel.

“With the HDK 2 being able to deliver a visual experience on par with industry leaders, we will now be able to represent hardware agnostic VR media and games in all their glory for future headsets to adopt through the open source ecosystem.” he added.… Read more