Picking out an Xbox One headset can be tricky with the shire number that there now are on the market for Microsoft’s 8th generation console. We’ve selected some of our favourite and most highly recommended headsets that are currently available, putting them through their paces so that you don’t have to.

On this site you’ll find a selection of the best Xbox One headsets across all price ranges, from the best value to the absolute best, all reviewed and compared, giving you the information you need to make an informed decision on which one is for you. Whether you’re a pro or leisure gamer, on a budget or skies the limit, there is a headset for you that we’ve reviewed on your Xbox headset reviews page for you.

Xbox One Headsets Under £50

Here are our picks for the best budget Xbox headsets under £50. These headsets have been ranked on their audio performance and quality, along with their value for money, making it easier to select the right Xbox One headset for you.

Turtle Beach XO Three (£49.99)

Turtle Beach XO Three Xbox One Headset

The Turtle Beach XO Three is the latest, officially-licensed entry-level Xbox One headset from the famed headset manufacturer. Designed specifically for use with Xbox, the XO Three offers high-quality in-game and chat audio at a low price point – featuring 50mm Neodymium, over-ear speakers, and a high-sensitivity, omni-directional noise-cancelling mic, offering the best audio quality available for a budget Xbox headset.

Like you’d expect from Turtle Beach, the XO Three features a sturdy, high quality build that is equipped with generous fabric-wrapped ear-cushions and leather-wrapped headband, offering a level of comfort and breathability above that of other headsets within its price range. This comfort makes the XO Three a great choice, both for long gaming sessions, and for when consuming other media such as movies and music, thanks to its fully-adjustable, removable mic.

This headset also benefits from conveniently placed in-line controls, putting master volume and mute at your fingertips, and interfaces via a standard 3.5mm connector – something that makes the XO Three prefect for us with other consoles, PC and mobile devices.

Xbox One Headsets Under £100

Here are our selections for the best Xbox One headsets under £100. We’ve chosen and ranked these headsets on their quality, performance and the value for money that they offer, helping to make picking the right Xbox headset easier.

Turtle Beach XO Seven Pro (£99.99)

Turtle Beach XO Seven Pro Xbox One Headset

The Turtle Beach XO Seven Pro is billed as an Xbox One headset designed with competitive play in mind – and features a range of features and functionality to match. In the box you’ll find everything needed to get up and running – the Ear Force headset audio controller plus, a breakway cable, mobile adapter with in-line mic, micro USD cable and removable boom mic. Setting the XO Seven Pro up is quick and easy, allowing you to start enjoying it without too much effort.

At first glance, the XO Seven Pro is a good looking, well-built Xbox headsets – being study, whilst lightweight, and offer a great deal of comfort, making the XO Seven Pro a great choice for lengthy gaming sessions. When it comes to comfort, this headset offers generously padded, memory foam cushions on its 50mm earcups – these work great, adequately cushioning your ears whilst helping to isolate background noise, adding to immersion. The headband is also well-padded and can be adjusted to head size.

The XO Seven Pro is also equipped with much of the features and functionality you’d expect from a competitive, Turtle Beach headset – including audio EQ presets, mic monitoring and SUPER HUMAN HEARING – a feature that heightens in-game audio to give you an edge when playing competitively. All-in-all, this headset is a great option for the budget conscious – offering functionality typically reserve for premium headsets, whilst retailing at a mid-range price point.

Xbox One Headsets Under £150

SteelSeries Siberia X800 (£144.99)

SteelSeries Siberia X800 Xbox One Headset

Xbox One Headsets Under £200

Astro Gaming A50 (Gen 2) Wireless (£176.85)

Astro Gaming A50 Wireless Xbox One Headset

Xbox One Wireless Headsets

Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter

The Xbox One opted to get rid of the 2.5mm audio jack that the 360 used, making your old headsets obsolete and unusable with Microsoft’s 8th generation console. Instead, the console uses a 3.5mm hack, making it necessary for you to purchase an official Xbox One stereo headset adapter if you want to use your old headset. Opting for the adapter could be a better option for you if you already own a high end headset for your 360, as at a cost of around £25 it’s certainly going to be far more cost effective than investing in a brand new one.

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